The world pays tribute to a legend

Prince, the groundbreaking artist, multi-instrumentalist and awe-inspiring performer, whose music defied conventions, passed away on Thursday 21st April 2016, leaving the world shocked and saddened.

Prince rose to fame in the late 1970s  and over the course of a 40 year career released 37 albums. On his first solo album,’For You’, he was credited with arranging and playing each of the 27 instruments on the record. His outstanding musical ability, which was often overlooked by the mainstream media, who were more interested in his androgynous look and flamboyant fashion, was well recognized by fellow musicians, with Eric Clapton suggesting Prince was the greatest living guitarist.  Prince’s rendition of The Beatles’ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, which he performed with Tom Petty, certainly makes a convincing case for Clapton’s suggestion.

During his career, Prince also became famous for challenging  racial and gender boundaries and in a well publicized dispute with his record label, Warner, took on the music industry to gain greater freedom and control over his music.

Prince was also a prolific performer and is credited with giving the most memorable Super Bowl halftime performance, which he performed in torrential rain.

Since news of Prince’s untimely death broke, tributes for the star have flooded in from fans, artists, musicians, politicians and even astronauts, while monuments across America where lit up with purple light in memory of the musical legend.

In a world where music has been becoming increasingly commercialised and dominated by individuals with little musical talent, Prince was a titan, committed to musical excellence… the world is an emptier place without him.


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