SCMP – Rohingya aren’t the only ones being persecuted by Myanmar military

Originally published at South China Morning Post on 30th November

The ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in Eastern Myanmar is being exposed by international media organisations, pressuring the country’s leaders to end these brutal human rights violations. What remains unreported is that the Myanmar military’s conduct has been a pattern of behaviour against minority ethnic groups for decades. While the international community focuses on today’s atrocities in Rakhine State, government forces attack and persecute ethnic communities in other regions of the country with impunity.

Abuses of impoverished Rohingya communities have shocked the world, but observers familiar with the Myanmar Army’s history of massacres, mass rape and destruction are unsurprised. The Rohingya are the latest in a long line of victims of one of the most brutal militaries of modern times.



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